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      Hi Ronica,

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    Hi Alicia,
    Thank you and your friend 罗什 for this great Sirnee recipe. I have one question though, so instead of using whole Cloves&肉桂,我可以用粉末代替吗?如果是的话,精确的测量值是多少?
    Shantie A.

  4. Gajanand says

    在印度中部,Sirnee与我们所说的一样。 Sheera是另一个名字。我喜欢香料的组合,我们通常只使用豆蔻。我们不’不要用鸡蛋做普拉萨德。

  5. Cynthia says

    Thanks for this post Alcia and thanks to 罗什 for sharing her family’s recipe. Someone asked about not using the eggs, and you said that it can be made without the eggs (as you and I know), but tell me this–is there a discernible variance in texture or mouthfeel of the sirnee with the eggs than without? Definitely want to make it this year for Eid. Thanks!

    • Alica says

      Hi Cynthia!
      I would have to say yes, adding eggs makes the texture velvety in your mouth. It gives it a very rich taste. I was able to recognize that only after the sirnee was cool. The“mouthfeel”with the eggs is biggest difference with sirnee and parsad. Would love to catch up soon!

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  6. Yasmin says

    I tried it today for the first time. I’m Muslim but don’t eat sweets so I don’t make anything sweet. However mine came out a bit not dry but not as soft as my mom’s. Could it be because it needed some more milk?

    • Alica says

      如果末尾干燥太多,它可能会变干。下次再加一点牛奶,可能会有帮助! --

  7. Vaideeka says

    I made this for my family a few minutes ago and got some good compliments, thanks 罗什 and Alicia! For me personally though, I was always used to sirnee having a bit of a grainy texture along with a little spice from ginger and a bit of a bubbly/fluffy consistency..I would assume the grainy texture comes from using cream of wheat, little bit of spice from adding fresh ginger and obviously a little orange/cream soda for the bubbly fluff and extra flavor? I halved this recipe and it was perfect measurement wise. The nuts definitely added a nice crunch to go with the smooth texture. I liked it and my family liked it, we Will most definitely be making this recipe again and I will try it with a little cream of wheat, cream/orange soda and fresh ginger and let you know if I got the texture and flavor I was looking for. Thanks so much again!

  8. katrine says

    im enjoying your blog so much ..I spent two days reading actually alllll your recipe. will dif be trying out some. I never liked following recipe online because it never comes out good…I rather see how people make it first and then try it out, but you wrote everything so simple and in detailed here. thank you!