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  1. Brent says


    A great way to keep the cost down on recipes like this is to plan ahead a bit and order from specialty stores online. For example, Beanilla Trading Company has really nice, Grade A vanilla beans for around $1.50 each…much cheaper than the $9.00 the grocery store in town wants. You can find Beanilla at

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  3. Emirii says

    我刚做的,没有'看起来和图片完全一样,但是味道很好!我避风港'做的芝士蛋糕太多了… I wouldn'不要把铝箔放进锅里,因为真的很难从弹簧锅上剥下来…芝士蛋糕很接近星期五'除了芝士蛋糕部分的味道更甜(可能太多)。我没有使用常规成分,而是使用了低脂替代品,例如无脂奶油芝士,低速固/胆固醇黄油,低脂奶油,轻质酸奶油和Splenda糖替代品。除了奶酪部分对我来说太甜之外,我的男朋友还说这很完美(但他比我更甜食)!谢谢。

  4. Shel7869 says

    This was my very first cheesecake and I was extremely pleased at how well it turned out. My boyfriend specially requested a vanilla bean cheesecake so I was happy when I found your blog. I served it at a dinner party and everyone raved about how delicious it was. I will definitely be visiting your blog again soon!

  5. Linds + Eric says

    Today is Wednesday and I have a dinner party friday. I am making teh cheesecake portion now. Should I freeze it until Friday or just keep it in the fridge? how long would it take to thaw? thanks! it's looking great so far!

  6. Alica says

    Hi there! Thanks for visiting! I recommend refrigerating the cheesecake portion until friday. If you freeze then thaw, the crust might get soggy during the thawing process. Good luck!

  7. Anonymous says

    Made this over Thanksgiving. Substituted the white chocolate with dark chocolate. Fantastic Cheesecake! Everyone raved about it. With dark chocolate, it didn't make the cake overly sweet. The cheesecake part is much better than the Cheesecake Factory quality because it is not as sweet, a nice tart cheesecake flavor.

    Oh I used parchment paper based on another reviewer'的评论是很难摆脱困境。像魅力一样工作。谢谢你的食谱。这绝对是守护者!

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    Honestly I prefer this to Cheesecake Factory's. It is slightly lighter and has a better finish I think. I paired this with a glass of a light Moscato. Best pairing for dessert I have EVER had! Thanks for this recipe! Will share this with some of my classmates -

  11. Anonymous says

    Enjoying a piece of this cheesecake right now! It is by far the best cheesecake I have ever made or even eaten. This will be my new go-to cheesecake recipe! Thanks for sharing, and I love your pictures and descriptions! -

  12. Madison says

    Absolutely delicious! Made 2 days ago and only 2 pcs are left! My family loved it! Great description of the process! I used 2 vanilla beans in the batter to give it more flavor.

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  16. Llh13 says

    I have to say thank you for this recipe and your detailed instructions! I enjoy cooking but not always baking and this recipe exceeded my expectations! I did substitute 1/2 cup of the graham crackers for crushed Oreos. Everyone was so impressed and I was dissapointed there were no leftovers and I couldn't have a second piece!

  17. angie says

    It's funny that you mention TGIFriday buying from The Cheesecake Factory because they don't even make their own cheese cake either haha they are all cheaters. Thay are dang good though.

  18. JRoll says

    Thanks for sharing this recipe! I made it recently and it turned out great! I realize you posted this over 3 years ago, but just wanted to let you know it is still being viewed/used. Thanks again!

  19. Alica says

    Hi Rachelle,


  20. Stephanie Waterman says

    Ok..sofar so good im using part of this recipe and anothr chzcake recipes to make my chz cake….my question is on the whit chocolate mousse…when I folded it in togethr it seems kinda lumpy tast grt…so I stopd foldoing ive nevr made a homemade mouse b4..any suggestions on less clumps??

  21. Amy Lenhardt says

    Loved this cheesecake! I wasn't sure about a cheesecake without eggs but it was awesome! I used a chocolate crust and added some liquid vanilla as well. It was a great recipe. Thank you.

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  24. Celia D says

    For the cheesecake the recipe says 1/2 teaspoon vanilla on one line and vanilla beans from a pod on the next line. Are these two separate ingredients or should only use one–the instructions only mention the pod beans